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Among the worries for business owners who are starting a new business or already running a successful business is the question as to when they need an attorney.  For many, that question is deferred until they are facing a serious legal problem.  While you clearly do not need an attorney for every step in running your business, it is wise to have a trusted consultant to help you with legal issues from the beginning.


We are experienced in helping business owners:


  • Establishing business entities

  • Drafting Business Plans

  • Applying for Employer Identification Numbers

  • Applying for licenses and permits

  • Creating contracts and buy-sell agreements between partners/members of an organization


We take pride in aiding business owners in a variety of complex business issues to include:


  • Handling employee issues where claims of discrimination have been made

  • Advising you regarding issues surrounding hiring, firing or hostile work environment

  • Negotiating contracts

  • Dealing with liability issues

  • Collections


The emphasis of our approach is to avoid these problems in the beginning.   To that end, early consultation and careful planning are important.  Let us help you navigate through the legal issues so you can focus on effectively and efficiently running your business.



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