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What does a business attorney do

Updated: May 11, 2022

There are many types of attorneys specializing in many areas of the law. Business attorneys specialize in helping business owners deal with a myriad of issues involved in opening and then successfully running a business, dealing with business legal issues, and preventing potential legal problems before they arise. When we need business law attorney it is usually to establish an appropriate business entity structure and to ensure that all federal, state and local regulations, and statutes are being complied with. Business attorneys also monitor any potential antitrust or competition issues and help to regulate employee rights and workplace safety as well as ensuring that overtime rules and minimum wage laws are being complied with. Read on to learn more about how when we need business law attorney, the best business law attorney in Idaho Falls can be found at the law firm of Smith Woolf Anderson & Wilkinson business attorneys.

A Business Attorney Can Give Advice on How Best to Structure Your Business

When we need business law attorney to help us set up our business, they will advise us on the best type of business structure for our specific business type including whether to form a Limited Liability Corporation LLC, an S Corporation, a C Corporation or another type of business entity such as a non-profit corporation.

For example, a C corporation can be established which is an individual legal entity that can have multiple shareholders which can allow for greater growth and flexible profit sharing and which is taxed separately from the owners.

An S corporation on the other hand can protect the personal assets of the corporation’s shareholders and allow for the cash method of accounting.

An LLC limits liability for its owners, members, and managers, and has no restrictions on the number of members who are allowed.

A Business Attorney can also file any appropriate incorporation documents.

A Business Attorney Can Write Your Business Contracts

When we need business law attorney help with contracts, the business experts at Smith Wolf Anderson Wikinson business lawyers are the experts you need/

Business attorneys can write effective and comprehensive contracts when hiring new employees or signing on new clients.

They can also draft appropriate waivers and confidentiality agreements to help protect your business interests.

Business Attorneys Can Deal With Breaches of Contracts and Contract Disputes

Business attorneys can act as your advocate when there are contract disagreements or disclosure of company secrets.

They can negotiate on your behalf or represent your company in arbitration and can also file lawsuits if necessary.

Business Attorneys can Handle Mergers and Acquisitions

Business attorneys can represent your company if you are acquiring another company as part of your business or if you are being bought out by a larger company.

Business Attorneys Can Handle Claims Against Your Company

Business Attorneys can assist when issues arise for your business involving:

  • Disability

  • Sick Leave

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Discrimination

  • Workplace Safety

  • Wage Law Violations

  • Breach of Contracts

Business Attorneys Can Ensure Proper Compliance with Appropriate Statutes and Risk Management

Business Attorneys can act as advisors on Federal, State and Local laws and requirements and can help to institute appropriate systems which can help to minimize risk.

Business Attorneys Can Help With Real Estate and Property Disputes

Business Attorneys can help with the negotiation of real estate sales and with leases especially involving tenant law.

Business Attorneys Can Help Raise Venture Capital

Business attorneys can also help you to comply with all necessary securities laws that are applicable when raising venture capital.

Business Attorneys Can Help Protect Intellectual Property

Business attorneys can help you to protect your company’s intellectual property from patent or copyright infringement.


Business attorneys help ensure that a company is in strict compliance with any and all environmental impact requirements such as monitoring pesticide levels and limiting water and air pollution levels. They also research legal cases involving your company and give important legal advice on such issues as contracts, labor and compliance issues and patents. Business attorneys also deal with compensation issues and to safeguard the rights of all employees and shareholders. In essence, business attorneys are an essential part of your business team who should be selected carefully after extensive research. It is often best to select a business attorney who has the highest level of integrity and top reviews from personal business associates or family members.

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